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Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing gives you the option to personalize your direct mail based on any piece of data you’ve collected from your customers, allowing you to create completely individualized direct mail pieces for everyone in your client database.

Every portion of your mailing, from text to pictures to the entire marketing message can be targeted to individual clients, based on anything from address to age to primary language to height. If you’ve captured the data, you can use it to create more impactful direct mail.

Variable data printing offers complete mailing personalization

Variable data printing doesn’t just let you trade out names and addresses. Variable laser printing and camera-matched inserting allows you to personalize variable data printing pieces to an extensive degree:
  • Every piece of data you’ve collected, from hair color to the amount donated during your last fundraiser can be used to personalize each mailing.
  • Headline, body text, and even images can be customized based on customer data.
  • Multiple personalized pieces can be combined into one sleek direct mail package.
By offering your customers 100 percent personalized messages, you can help to increase customer engagement and response rates. Want to differentiate between customers and prospects, Variable Data Printing is the way to go! No more shotgun approach, market to the needs of the individual and they will be more likely to purchase. Any industry that has customers can benefit by sending relevant information to them. One size does not fit all. Gone are the days of Henry Ford, where you can have any color car as long as it is black! Industries that can benefit from this technology include:
  • Political mailing
  • Universities
  • Nonprofits
  • Car dealerships

Personalized postcards, newsletters and more

Using full-color variable data digital printing, we can personalize nearly any type of mailer, including:
  • Personalized postcards
  • Annual reports
  • Sales fliers
  • Newsletters
  • Self-mailing brochures
  • And more!

Personalized letter and renewals

Full color variable data digital printing allows you to change the message on demand, all the while you are optimizing postage. For example, you are fundraising, you can produce 3 letters at the same time: High dollar donors, regular donors, and prospects. Each of these groups can get a letter that reflects there donating habits even more, you can target within each of these groups based on their interest. The next step to personalizing a letter is to insert it into a non-window envelope to add to the personal touch, as if you printed and mailed the letter from your desk. Full variable data printing allows you to connect with each and every person on a “truly” personal level. By doing so, studies have show a great return and a greater ROI. Still have questions? Contact us to learn more about what variable data printing can do for your next mailing.