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Kitting, Assembly and Packaging

Our expert staff is ready to offer you solutions for all of your kitting, assembly, and packaging needs. Whether you’re looking to outsource a small project or a national mailing requiring extensive automation, our kitting services team can handle it! At The Mail Haus, we have the capabilities to offer quick turnaround on your kitting, assembly and packaging requirements—essential services for the smooth operation of your business, at an economical price.

Advantages of using The Mail Haus’ kitting services

You know your business. We know the mail system. Together, we can help you get your kitting and assembly needs met—faster and cheaper than you can do it yourself.

We help you find the perfect packaging size

Does your mailing require unusual or specific packaging? Not to worry! The Mail Haus can fulfill all your regular mailing needs—and special requests, too. If your company isn’t quite sure what your packaging options are or what you want them to look like, our staff can walk you through your options and help you to find the perfect packaging solution.

We know how to handle perishables

If you’re looking to ship perishable items, we have extensive experience with FDA regulations for storing and packing food and other perishable items. Our kitting services team can make sure all your perishables arrive at their destination looking as pristine and healthy as the day they left your hands.

We save you from having to second-guess the United States Postal system

We understand USPS mailing regulations and guidelines for every kind of letter, package and promotional item. Instead of spending your time trying to choose the right box or envelope, determine correct postage, and find the best way to pack your items for shipping, let us take those hassles off your hands.

We have the space to accommodate your needs

Our expansive warehouse is prepared to store the items you need shipped in the most organized, efficient way possible, adding speed and accuracy to our kitting and assembly services.

We have the manpower and knowledge to get your packages mailed in days, not weeks

You and your employees know your services and products inside and out—and we know our kitting services inside and out. Hiring us to handle your kitting and assembly and packaging needs means your packages will go out faster, in the best possible packaging, at the best possible price—while your employees continue to provide the best possible services and products to your customers.

Have more questions about our kitting services? Get in touch with us!

The Mail Haus has the staff, the knowledge, the equipment, the kitting services and the wherewithal to take on practically any project. Contact our customer support team for more information.