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Direct Mail FAQs

Have a question about your direct mail job?

Have a question about your direct mail job? About ways we can save you time and money? Read on!

What kind of turnaround time should I expect for my project?

Our average turnaround time is 4-5 days for 60,000 letters, from print to mail. Typically, our turnaround is 1-2 days for a mailing, but often we can get your piece in the mail on the same day. Our goal at Mail Haus is to complete your project efficiently and precisely to meet your needs—with a dash of uniqueness and creativity to catch your customers’ eye.

Can you create and manage a mail list for me?

At The Mail Haus, we offer both list management and procurement and have virtually every type of list at our fingertips. Our staff at The Mail Haus will work with you to determine the best list possible for you and your company’s goals, taking into consideration who you want your target audience to be. A few things we will consider are:

  • age
  • gender
  • marital status
  • profession
  • residential area
Once we work with you to determine your ideal target audience, we’ll conduct a data cleanse to make sure we won’t send anyone duplicates or pay for sending out mail that will not reach someone due to an incorrect address. The time that you save working with The Mail Haus will allow you to focus on more important things—like fostering customer relationships. Head to our Mailing List Management page for more information.

Can you help me with direct mailer design?

Yes. Our team of experts would be delighted to assist you with the design of your piece.

Contact The Mail Haus with your design questions, and we will help ensure your mailing meets codes and effective automation rates.

How much money can I save by going bulk rather than first class?

If your mailing can go bulk, in postage alone, you can save between $140 to $189 per 1000 pieces mailed.

Who should address my direct mail pieces?

If your mailing is less than 350 pieces, services offered by The Mail Haus will not be offset by postage savings. Therefore, you may want to choose to do labels yourself—keeping in mind this does not take into consideration your time and the cost of labels.

For quantities over 400 pieces, services through The Mail Haus may be less expensive than the postage savings of $.05 per letter and speed up your delivery. We will make sure the professional quality your mailing contains carries over into the address to create a cohesive feel.

What is PURL?

A Personalized URL (PURL) is a Web address created for every one of your current or potential customers. Each PURL is completely unique, allowing you to customize your messages to your clientele based on data you are already collecting about their personal preferences.

Learn more >>

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)®?

The Mail Haus is a provider of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), an affordable US Postal Service® program that allows you to send mail to all households within a designated target area such as a specific street, intersection, neighborhood or zip code. Learn more >>

What if I have other USPS service questions?

Should you send your mailing first class, priority, or express? Many people have the same question! Take a look at the USPS service chart and contact The Mail Haus to decide what service suits your needs best. For the latest in news from the U.S. Postal Service, a postage guide, or to locate a zip code, check out the U.S. Postal Service Web site:

How do I schedule a mailing?

Ready to get your direct mail process started? Contact us today.

What if I have questions about my mailing?

Have a question or concern that isn’t covered in the Direct Mail FAQs? Contact us today.