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Mail List Management Services

Your mailing is just how you envisioned it. You’ve perfected the design. You’ve agonized over the messaging. Now, how do you get it into the right hands?

The truth is, even the most impressive direct mail piece won’t promote your business unless it gets to your target audience. That’s why at The Mail Haus we specialize in list management and procurement. Our staff at The Mail Haus is dedicated to your direct mail marketing goals and will work with you to determine the best list possible for your message and target audiences. 

Determining the Right Mailing List

Demographics are just a small part of this process; We'll also run all lists against national and USPS databases to remove erroneous addresses and duplicates to ensure that your mailing meets national guidelines in the most cost efficient way possible. At Mail Haus we make sure to take the extra, detailed steps to ensure our clients' success. Once the lists are determined, we can design the delivery and address and personalize each piece, too.