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Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is a timeless direct marketing tactic. It's personal, tangible, measureable and cost-efficient and paired with the right mailing list, direct mail can be highly targeted to those most likely to be receptive to your message. Research even indicates that consumers continue to prefer direct mail to any other direct marketing tactic.

Mail Haus will work with you to ensure that your mailing works for you and your budget, offering a wide array of services executed by professionals that are experts in the USPS direct mail guidelines so you don't have to be.

Direct Mail Solutions at The Mail Haus


The Mail Haus can laser print your personalized letters, statements and daily billing. We also offer matched personalized inserting, to give a personal touch to mailings that compels your target audience to take a closer look. Laser printers are fast, precise and inkless: Our printers can print over 100 pages per minute, which totals to 6,000 pages per hour. Need help designing a direct mail print piece? Our print brokers are here to help.

Envelope Printing

The Mail Haus is here to fulfill all of your mailing needs, including envelope printing. Whether you need thousands of envelopes printed, or just a few. There is no job too small or too large for The Mail Haus. Order your printed envelopes with a full color logo and text, or keep it simple with your basic black and white. The Mail Haus has a large variety of envelope sizes and paper qualities available. Whether you are looking for your standard size envelope with or without a window, or if you are looking for booklet envelope or postcard envelope, we can help.


From small to large orders, we can assemble and mail your pick and pack daily fulfillment services on demand.  We are an economical alternative to in-house fulfillment, and we’ll make the most of your dollars. At The Mail Haus, we have perfected our services so we can fulfill any job to our client’s expectations while saving them money and time.

Mail list processing and maintenance

The experts at Mail Haus will ensure that your direct mail piece gets where it needs to go as efficiently as possible by helping to procure lists, dedup existing lists and run all lists against the national do-not-mail and NCOA databases and check for errors. We'll send you the results, too, to help keep all of your in-house lists current.

Addressing, including laser addressing

Using your own lists or lists procured with us, The Mail Haus can address and personalize all direct mailings fast and accurately.

Folding and tabbing

Our machines can fold and tab flyers, booklets and other pieces faster and neater than your volunteers or mail room staff. Save time and money and have The Mail Haus do it for you.

Glue Dots

Our four-gun, fugitive glue dot system eliminates the need for tabs to close your folded self-mailers. Currently, the US Postal Service® requires at least 2 paper tabs for letter sized self-mailers. Paper tabs are not removable and the new guidelines prohibit the use of transparent tabs; leaving your mailer less attractive.

Choosing glue dots allows you to preserve the look you intended for your mailer. Plus, glue dots can cut turnaround time – just fold, glue, ink-jet and it’s done.

This inline system uses fugitive glue dots to close your mailer. The Mail Haus has the ability to apply up to four glue patterns at once providing high-quality results at a great price. Glue dots are clear and removable which results in a cleaner, better-looking mail piece. Plus, they meet all US Postal Service® specifications. Contact The Mail Haus today for more information.

Inserts and matched inserts

Want to add new information to an existing print piece or call attention to special message? Inserts are a cost-effective alternative to stand alone pieces or revisions and updates to existing pieces that still have relevancy. The Mail Haus can create a new look for these inserts to stand out or match them to existing designs to blend in.


The Mail Haus can help your business navigate the often confusing world of postage. Whether it's First Class, Standard or Nonprofit and regardless of stamps, indicia or bulk postage paid, we've got you covered. We'll even pick up your mailings to pre-sort for you to save your office time and money.

Storage of direct mail pieces and swag items

Let's face it, who has room in their offices for boxes of brochures, appeal letters and promotional items? The Mail Haus does! Not only can we take your direct mail concept from idea to implementation, we can store extras for later, too.

Get started with your next direct mail campaign by contacting our customer support team today.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)®

The Mail Haus is a provider of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), an affordable, US Postal Service® program that allows you to send mail to all households within a designated target area such as a specific street, intersection, neighborhood or zip code. With EDDM, there’s no need to know the names or addresses of those you want to reach – just simply designate your target area and let The Mail Haus do the rest. We’ll make sure your mailer gets into the hands of each and every household in your target area.

Plus, EDDM can accommodate a range of mailer types and sizes. And it offers the flexibility to deliver coupons, menus, maps and more right to your customers’ homes. See below for details and requirements or Contact The Mail Haus today to find out more.


The Mail Haus is a part of Wisconsin's Direct Marketing Association.


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